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    Problem printing multiple page documents


      We are running Windows XP professional and Adobe Reader 9.  My co-worker is having a printing issue with any PDF document they receive yet everyone else is able to print the same document without issue.


      When they try to print a multiple page PDF, the 1st page comes out as it should and all subsequent pages come out printed as a tiny thumbnail size print.  I have looked through all of their print settings and can't find any reason for this.  What is strange is that if they print each page individually (one at a time) the page prints properly.


      We have tried updating their printer driver, deleting their user application data, repairing the installation but nothing seems to correct the issue.


      Anyone know what may be causing this and what the solution is?


      Thank you!!

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          Hi, ak glacier.


          I can almost guarantee what will fix the problem.  I came on here to create a case to explain this scenario, constant thumbnails, etc. and look for help, but I'm relatively certain that one or both of these will fix the issue.


          On the Adobe Reader window, hit the Advanced button, and check "Print As Image".  Though this does take a bit longer to send the document to the printer it will fix this issue 99% of the time in my experience.  That will also fix constant thumbnails and mirror image thumbnails.  The latter may also occur when "Choose paper source by PDF page size" is selected.  "Print As Image" should override that, but if not, also try unchecking "Choose paper source..." and pick the page size in either page setup or the properties of the driver.


          As a note to others that may stumble across this, I have seen this issue occur on multiple HPs, Canons, Konicas, and Toshibas (usually postscript drivers) with Adobe Reader 7, 8, and 9.  I have yet to narrow down what causes it further.