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    Need help epxorting with pixels

    Twilight Loz

      I have adobe flash cs5. I made a flash banner. The stage was by 210x230. When I click on file>export>export movie (as a .swf file)> and export it to my desktop. When I click on the .swf file, Internet Exploeres 8 opens it and it fills up the whole screen although my stage was 210x230! But when I click on file>publish preview>flash then it shows my animated banner and its 210v230 pixels. When I press f12 to preview my banner, nothing really happens. A message comes up saying 'publishing' and once the bar is full, nothing happens.


      My school has adobe flash cs3 and when I make things, export it as a .swf file, and when I open it using Internet Explorer, it only fills the screen by how much I set the stage to. Why doesn't this happen in my computer?