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    How to make a comp from selection using clip names

    GameOverPlayerOne Level 1

      I have a lot of footage imported into AE7 and I am looking for a way to make an individual comp for each clip using the clip's name as the comp name.  When I use the "Comp from Selection. . ." menu item, AE creates a comp name with the next sequential number available.


      For example, if my clips have names like "Subclip 1, Subclip 2, Subclip 3. When I use the make comp for selection option, AE will make a comp from each clip, but it will name the comps Subclip 4, Subclip 5, Subclip 6, starting from the last sequential number from the clip names.


      Is there a way to do this without scripting?  Or and easy way to do it with scripting?