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    Dropped frame detected in cs5

    nikolasm_ Level 1


      I have a problem with Premiere cs5.

      In timeline I put 2-3 videos (as layers and not, video two after video one e.t.c)  (for example

      I have the following compination  video 1 dv format, video 2 dv format with video effect, video

      3 an after effect comp).

      Trying to playback my material (preview without rendering) to make adjustment, the playback

      start and after while stop and I receive the drop frame detected message (a x in red circle on

      right corner of premiere). When I try to see the problem, I have the folloing message from

      dropped frame report " Please verify that your disk subsystem is capable of delivering the video

      format you're working with at full frame rate. You can do this with the blackmagic disk speed

      test utility in your aplications folder"

      My system is:

      an i7 2.80 ghz pc with windows 64 bit os, 6gb ram , 128 gb ssd primary hd with 1.8 tb with

      two hd in raid as secondary (my videos are here), nvidia geforce gtx 285 and blackmagic

      intensity pro output/input,I have downloaded the latest updates for cs5 prod suite.

      I can't work because the playback stops all the time when I work with many videos and not only

      and I take more time for editing. I wonder what I have to face with when I start to work with HD



      Any ideas? Thanks.


                                  regards Nikos

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Render first.

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            nikolasm_ Level 1

            thanks jim.

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              What format are you playing out in from the blackmagic card?  I have just the SDI output card and when using the blackmagic presets (which you have to use to get video out of the card outputs) it would drop frames and stop all the time, even with a i7-950, 12 GB Ram, Quadro FX 4800.


              If you turn off the GPU acceleration you can then render your timeline and then it will play but that defeats the purpose of using the high end GPU card so you don't have to wait around for renders.


              I think Blackmagic has failed to build cards and drivers/presets that work correctly with CS5.  If you talk to their tech support they are frankly clueless.  They pimp their crap all over and have great prices but their hardware just doesn't perform. I think this issue of dropped frames will continue until BlackMagic gets their heads out of the sand and creates a solution. If you load the Pemiere Pro Benchmark 5 and run that on your system, you will likely be fast enough for most of the stuff your doing, but with it trying to play out through the hardware card, it fails...


              You said your video is on Raid.  Is that Raid 0, Raid 1???


              Raid 0 gives you the most speed but your more at risk to lose your data.  The blackmagic disk speed test installs with the drivers, run it and test your drives.. I found mine were plenty fast, but I still had dropped frames with GPU accel, turned on.


              You may want to edit in a Non-Blackmagic Timeline taking advantage of the speed of GPU render of effects.  Then when you are nearly done, nest that first timeline in a Blackmagic timeline for final playback. You may have to turn off GPU and render the final playback to play out through the hardware.