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    Path Problem

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      OK - I'm struggling with some path issues.  I come from working with Flash and Coldfusion and  I'm new to Flex.


      When I create a flex web application project, I point it to a folder that acts as my root folder for the website - we'll call it LocalWebRoot (this also represents the root folder on my remote site (www.WebRoot.com).  I create the project with no problem and Flex installs some base files in the folder, i.e. src folder, .settings, etc...).


      I add a datagrid to the file, save it and execute it.  Everything runs and executes fine.  I have a services folder at LocalWebRoot/services (it would be www.WebRoot.com/services on the remote server).  I connect to my coldfusion data service and attach it to my datagrid - test locally and everything works great.  I go ahead and create a build and point it to build at LocalWebRoot.  Flex generates the files - I upload them to the server and when I pull up the page it tells me that it can't find the CFC.  Unable to invoke CFC.  Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface LocalWebRoot.services.myService.
      For details, turn on Robust Exception Information in the ColdFusion Administrator.


      Why isn't it just pointing to services.myService when I build?  I found where this is defined in _Super_MyService.as but when I change the _serviceControl.source from  "LocalWebRoot.services.myService" to "services.myService", the error goes away but it loads up just a bunch of zeros in the primary key for all the records and the other fields are blank.


      I've tested the cfc in coldfusion and it works fine locally - it's as basic as it gets:


      <cfcomponent name="MyService" hint="Handles MyService functionality">


          <cffunction name="getStuff" access="remote" returntype="query">
              <cfquery name="qryGetStuff" datasource="mydsn">
              SELECT * FROM stuff
              <cfreturn qryGetStuff>


      PLease Help!  This is getting real old real quick.


      Thanks in advance... using flashbuilder 4.0.1 - the remote server is cf 9 at latest patch.