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    Providing help in flex app

      Hello,I wish to know the most used and appropriate way of providing help for a flex application deployed. I need to find how help information can be delivered, like the what`s this help type of notes.
      Thank you
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          peterent Level 2
          You'll probably want to write your help text using HTML. Please check the limitations on what HTML the Flash Player can display. For example, the Player cannot display tables.

          You can display the help text using either the Text or TextArea controls. Both controls have a htmlText property; the TextArea will display scrollbars (you'll have to put the Text control into a container to get scrollbars).

          You can fetch the help text using HTTPService, but use resultFormat="text" so the Flash Player won't try to interpret the html in your help text as XML. Once you've received the help text you can display it in your TextArea, something like this:

          <mx:TextArea htmlText="{ httpsrv.lastResult }" ... />

          Hope this helps give you some ideas.
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            BaileyBurger Level 1
            We use Camtasia for "help files". It allows you to record your screen and voice so you can do a walkthru of the given function or what not. It exports into swf format which is great for including in a flex app.

            There might be a Adobe product with similar functionality, but I havn't stumbled upon it. :-)