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    MXF support


      Does anyone know if Premiere Elements will support the MXF format used in Canon camcorders like XF100 and XF300?


      Premiere Pro CS5 support it, but if I go there I will pay a lot of money (near 800$ for PP; and much more in hardware and OS for upgrading my computer from a 32bits to a 64bits system).

      I only want to use the MXF files in Premiere Elements (4:2:2 color and 50Mbps) ¡wow! 


      Thanks in advanced,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          To the best of my knowledge Premiere Elements does not support that professional file format. Sorry.


          I would recommend you use a pro video editor with this format. Premiere Pro CS5 would be your first choice -- though I believe Sony Vegas Pro also supports it and costs several hundred dollars less.