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    Complex taxes calculation scripts


      This is very simple therefore very frustrating that it's not working!


      1. I have a "subtotal" field which is the sum of 6 field. That works fine.


      2. I have a first "gst" tax of 5% field coded as:




      var f = this.getField(“subtotal”);

      event.value = f.value * 0.05;


      There's no error, but it doesn't work. The value in that field remains 0.


      3. I also have a second "qst" tax 7.5% that is more complex.

      The 7.5% is on the sum of the "subtotal" and the "gst", coded as:



      var f = this.getField(“subtotal”) + this.getField(“gst”);

      event.value = f.value * 0.075;



      (Now I'm not sure about that one) I didn't get a error warning but it doesn't work either.


      The value in that field remains 0.


      What seems to wrong in both taxes?