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    Looking for advice from a flash programming sage

    enfantterrible-tijzQ7 Level 1
      I'm looking for some advice from some flash sage, greater than myself (not that difficult).

      Although I've purchased Flash cs3 pro, I haven't used it and I don't know if I'll ever use it. my dilemma is; I've developed a flash CRM in Flash 7&8 with ActionScript 2. The CRM application is made up of several dozen (close to 100) little MCs under 1 main MC which loads or makes visible other MCs as needed.

      The new version of Actionscript version 3 is not very compatible with previous versions, for example I make use of “forms” the new version has no “forms”, some of the components that I use such as “window” component don’t exits, not such a big deal as they can be recreated with time.

      Loading separately running MC doesn’t make much sense to me and neither does the use of LocalConnect and I would lose the use of some application wide variables loaded in the root MC.

      For example I would like to create a small report writer for users to be able to create their own reports, the idea is the user would launch the report designer from a drop down menu, I see no easy way to start using Flash’s new Actionscript.

      My choices seem to be either stick to Actionscript 2, take 1 to 2 man/woman years to port the application to Flash’s new programming language that will be good for maybe 2 to 3 years, or port the application to a totally new but more stable development platform like Java.

      I don’t know, to me this Adobe upgrade was not done very sensibly, I’m I missing something?

      I would really appreciate some input / advice!!!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          why port your application to anything? leave it as an as2 application.

          as2 and even as1 is still fully supported by the latest flash players. and you've given no reason why you're tempted to port this to as3 or any other platform.
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            enfantterrible-tijzQ7 Level 1
            Although there are no real technical reasons to port the application to anything else, other than some superior technicalities and a promised faster AVM, this is an ongoing project that I would like to add a few other modules too, and hopefully I will have to support for some years to come. I guess I'm fearing eventually AS2 will become old and obsolete, I wonder how many people are still using AS1? Do I really want to be the last man standing still using AS2?

            I really appreciate your input, I see from the forum you're one of the more experience guys here, so I'm really appreciative you taking the time!!!

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              unless your application is nearly useless because of its performance porting to as3 isn't going to be worthwhile. and even after porting to as3 it's no certainty that your application will run much better.

              hopefully, noone's currently coding for as1. i know they are because they still post as1 questions here but the main point is that applications written in as1 and were adequate for their tasks do not need to be updated.

              and depending upon how much interactivity you need among your modules you may do well to add as3 modules to your current application. the flash player can handle both as3 and as2 swfs simultaneously. your main swf just needs to be as3 but that could be a dummy file that serves no other purpose than to load your main as2 file.
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                enfantterrible-tijzQ7 Level 1
                I've been thinking about what you said, and I found one of your comments particularly pertinent "hopefully, no one's currently coding for as1". I'm certain people will be saying that about AS 2 in 2/3 years.

                Primarily as an application developer, I've never been a designer , I need a platform that evolves and not one that has a revolution every few years. Take CF for example, MM even changed it's platform, yet it's syntax stayed almost unchanged. I'm certain many if not most CF 4 scripts, etc, will run in CF 7. My concern is not whether AS2 is up to the task today, but about the pain of maintaining, improving and updating an application I resell.

                I don't know what Adobe's strategy for Flash is, but when I consider the evolution of this product, the features they put into Flex and the ones they left out in Flash the more tempted I am to begin swinging with Java for application development. It's sad because I'm more of a flasher and not a particularly good dancer.

                Thanks for your input!! It has helped think!!