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    Documentation on creating UI (with Javascript and/ or Flash)

    Blik Revil Level 1

      Hi there,


      until now I've been using JavaScript for creating my own UI, something like


      var Dwin = new Window('dialog', 'Window title', [100,100,300,200]);
      Dwin.okbutton = Dwin.add('button', [150,70,190,90], 'OK', {name: 'ok'});
      Dwin.mytext = Dwin.add('edittext', [10,10,190,30], 'mytext');


      ... and so on.


      I collected some bits and pieces about using this "new Window()" thing here and there, but what I'm missing is something like an official documentation about these commands. Adobe's official documentation does not seem to include this information, so where can I find it?


      Moreover, I am looking for information about building UI with Flash, but apart from one single (rather complex) example that is located in the "Sample Scripts" folder of my installation, I couldn't find anything.


      So, where can I get this information? I'm using CS5 on Windows 7 (64 Bit)