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    Problem with Digital Editions page view


      I used Digital Editions on two books just recently and was able to fit each page of the ebook to it's full height from top to bottom.


      I just downloaded my third book to DE, and I can't seem to find the button to fit each page to their full heights (top/bottom). Instead, it's stuck on dual-page view. The single-page view button option isn't even there on the third book, but IS there on the first two books. I downloaded a fourth book and it's experiencing the same problem; stuck in dual-page view with no single-page option.


      If I try to re-size the DE window to force it into a single page view, the page numbers are all messed up appearing at random spots of each page rather than at the top right where they are suppose to be.


      I re-installed DE but the problem still persists. Is this a problem with the books in specific? Or something else?