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    Create a Custom type of Form


      Hello Guyz,


        I just  wanted to create a type of form for my Office. So I thought of using  the trial version and if successful purchase a full version od Adobe  Acrobat Pro X.


      My requirements are


      1. Need to create a form where all deteils such as schedule and name address of customers are entered.

        I created that form.


      2. I'll give the form created to my office staffs.


      3. They will need to enter the details in the form and save it as PDF which cant be edited.



      My  problem is the form which I created could enter data but could only be  printed. And Even if a copy is created, that copy is also editable.


      I need the output as a PDF with details in it and the text fields disabled.


      I tried settign the action but failed.


      Could some one help me by providing the steps??


      Thanks in advance.