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    Where can I download missing content of Premiere Elements 7.0?


      Hello everybody,

      I bought Premiere Elements 7.0 some time ago online via download. And now i found out i am missing content because of following missing files:

      # File 2: PRE7_WWEFGJ.7z “ 512.8 MB
      # File 3: PRE7_Cont_WWEFGJ.exe - 1.2 MB
      # File 4: PRE7_Cont_WWEFGJ.7z “ 2.8 GB
      When i bought PRE 7.0 i only got the main file (File 1) without the content!

      I opened a case in customer support and the answer was, that the support for PRE 7.0 is no longer available. Can anybody help me to find a place where i can download those missing files?

      Thank you very much in advance.