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    Best video card for After Effects CS5: nVidia's CUDA or Radeon's OpenGL?


      I've searched all over the internet and I've found that both are companies are great. But I hear CUDA is important with CS5 (or at least Premiere). While ATI Radeon's OpenGL is very important for After Effect.


      I do animation in After Effect. Very intense HD stuff with many effects and layers and I want it to run as smooth as possible, So I'm thinking Radeon 5850 (with my budget). BUT is Radeon's OpenGL more important than nVidia's CUDA?


      What will make After Effects run the best it can; between say Radeon 5850 vs a comperable nVidia card like GTX 470.


      What should I know about a video card to make After Effects rock?


      THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this, I really need an answer.