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    Flash Player won't load


      I am using Vista 32 bit and IE 8.  Until yesterday, I have had no issues with Flash Player.  Yesterday, however, games I play on Shockwave were telling me to download the flash player.  I have, MANY times, to no avail.  I have used the Uninstaller, rebooting my computer each time.  I downloaded the flash player from the distribution site (a suggestion in another thread) and rebooted my computer, to no avail.  I don't see evidence of the program on my computer or as an add-on, if I am supposed to see it there.  Can someone please help me?


      Thank you for your time and assistance.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, Sounds like you did the right things. However, after downloading the Installer from the distribution site, did you Install it?


          Did you download it to your Desktop? There is a procedure to follow, when Uninstalling and Installing Flash Player, so maybe you just missed a step or two.



          You must use the Administrator Account also and I assume you did, but just wanted to remind you.


          I'll find the links for you and post back and you can try again and follow the procedure.







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            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

            Hi, Following are the instructions for you. Be sure to follow them. Print them out if you like.


            Hi, thanks. Try this: Download and SAVE the Uninstaller to your Desktop:




            Then go to this site and Download and SAVE the Installer to your Desktop:


            http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html  You will use the Windows-Internet Explorer- Download EXE Installer


            Once you have those on your Desktop, Close all browsers, you only want to be looking at your Desktop.

            Disable messenger services in the system tray, whether you use them or not. They are still active & use Flash.


            RUN the Uninstaller and when it is finished, Reboot(restart) your computer.


            RUN the Installer and when it is finished, Reboot your computer.


            Go here to test and let me know if you see the Flash logo animate(spin) and what version of Flash Player is displayed.




            Then go to Tools, Manage addons and look under "Show", all addons or Run without Permission & find Shockwave Flash Object.

            Make sure it is Enabled and the version is the same version of Flash Player that was displayed.


            Let me know if you have any questions.






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              cc143most Level 1



              Thank you for your very helpful reply.  I had actually found these instructions for someone using Windows 7 and followed them exactly, downloading from the same places your links took me to.  I did reboot in between the uninstall and the install and after, as well.  I closed down everything in my tray, including my AVG protection.  When I go to check my Flash version, there is no logo.  Only a box with the red X in the left corner.  When I go to my Internet addons, the only Shockwave I have listed is Shockwave ActiveX Control.  I am at my wits' end!  My computer has been rebooted more this weekend than in the 2 yrs I've had it!

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, Will be back in a few minutes.





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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Meanwhile, can you list the files you have in folder C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash ?

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, so when you followed the instructions for the Win7, were they the same as what I gave you?


                    When looking for the Shockwave Flash Object, did you go to "Show" and check in "All addons" and or "Run without Permission"? That is where it is listed for IE8.


                    If you don't have that then that means there is some reason that it wasn't Installed. Did you receive any error messages when Installing?


                    Did you use the Administrator Account when Uninstalling/Installing? Only an Administrator has permission to Install that.







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                      cc143most Level 1

                      Yes, they were the same.  I downloaded the uninstall and install program from the same places your links sent me.  I uninstalled and rebooted.  Installed and rebooted.  I am the administrator on my computer, so I am able to install and uninstall.  There were no error messages received.  I checked all addons and run without permission - Shockwave Flash Object is not listed.


                      Here is what is listed under C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash:

                      Flash101.ocx                         Activex Control

                      Flashinstall                            Text Document

                      Flashutil101_ActiveX.dll          Application Extension

                      Flashutil101_ActiveX               Application


                      Since it seems that Flash IS installed, just not being accessed by IE - I wonder - would it be worth it to try and reinstall IE?  Possibly something has happened that the two programs are not working together for some reason?


                      Thank you again for your help!

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, You have the correct files in your Flash folder, but for some reason the Shockwave Flash Object did not Install. Since you are the Administrator and used that Account, we can rule that out as a reason.


                        On reinstalling IE, I wouldn't advise that. As you recall until Jan 8, you weren't having any issues. Then a website advised you to Install Flash Player. I'm assuming you had Flash Player Installed prior to that and it was working. Due to that I don't think IE is the problem.


                        When you were advised from that website to Install Flash Player, did you already have the latest FP ( Installed?


                        When you disabled AVG, did you disable the LinkScanner? With AVG, the components need to be disabled separately. LinkScanner monitors the browser and can conflict with an Install. The main Anti-Virus part (Resident Shield) normally doesn't interfere. The 3 addons of AVG in the browser, I usually advise disabling when Uninstalling and Installing Flash Player.


                        In Programs & Features do you have a DLM(download manager) and or a getplus entry? Also do you have any getplus, get_atlcom Class or a DLM Control in any of the Manage addon categories?


                        You have Shockwave Player also, as you have the Shockwave Player ActiveX Control in your addons. I want to check a couple of things regarding Shockwave Player and will get back to you on that.





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                          cc143most Level 1

                          I honestly don't know if I had the latest version of FP or not.  I doubt it, but if I received an "update" message from Adobe, I would have updated.


                          I did not disable LInkScanner separately.  I will try that now and will also disable the AVG add-ons.


                          I do not have DLM; however, does the Adobe DLM get installed on my computer permanently?  That is how I first tried to install FP.  I don't have any getplus, get_atlcom Class or a DLM Control in my addons.

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi, thanks. If you try again, follow my instructions but when you get ready to Uninstall and Install, right click and choose "Run as Administrator" It seems this is peculiar to Vista OS.


                            Here is the info on AVG in case you need it:


                            Resident Shield


                            Open AVG User Interface. (Right Click to Open)
                            Double-click on the Resident Shield.
                            Un-tick the option Resident Shield active.


                            Save the changes.


                            Open AVG User Interface.(Right Click to Open)
                            Double-click on the LinkScanner.
                            Un-tick the option Enable AVG Search-Shield and Enable Active Surf-Shield.


                            Save the changes.

                            Add Ons  Disable:

                            AVG SafeSearch 
                            AVG Security Toolbar

                            AVG Security Toolbar BHO




                            On the DLM, if you don't have any of the addons and it is not listed in Programs & Features then you are ok. DLM causes problems, that is why I mentioned it.






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                              cc143most Level 1

                              Still no go.


                              I disabled AVG exactly as you indicated (differently than I had originally) and disabled the three AVG add-ons.  I uninstalled FP, rebooted computer, installed (right clicking so I could run as Administrator), and rebooted computer.  I still get the box with the X in the left corner when I check to see my FP version.


                              Should I disable my Shockwave ActiveX (I also have Unity Webplayer) and try again?  I also noticed that I have multiple copies of the same Microsoft add-on (same versions, same date and time).  Don't know that this has anything to do with my issue, but just thought it strange.    I will try disabling these and try again now as I have to get to sleep shortly for my overnight shift tonight.


                              Well, just tried it again with Shockwave ActiveX and Unity Webplayer disabled.  Still didn't work.  Just for the heck of it, I went to the download area where Adobe downloads using Adobe DLM.  It still didn't work; but, now I have a folder called NOS that has the getplus files you were asking about.  I didn't see those earlier, but won't say they weren't there as I had originally tried to install FP using Adobe DLM.

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                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                Hi, sorry that didn't work. I wouldn't try again at this time. Go ahead and get some rest for your work schedule and I'll post after checking out a couple of things. I have errands to run today and then get back to you.


                                There has been some discussion on Shockwave Player and Flash Player conflicting, but in the way each is Installed. I want to further check that out. This happened just recently with another user. I had heard this before, but didn't follow up on it.


                                I don't think you have multiple addons of Microsoft, it is the way IE8 lists the same addon in different categories. For example, if you had Shockwave Flash Object Installed, it would be listed under Show in "All addons" and also "Run without Permission" category. It is still only ONE addon.






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                                  cc143most Level 1

                                  Thanks for continuing the "investigation".  My multiple Microsoft add-ons only show up when I show "Run without permission".

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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Hi, That red X would indicate that the Shockwave Flash Object is not Installed, which has been the problem. It is the FP Control and must be Installed. Something is preventing that and so we are trying to find out what.


                                    The DLM is a downloader, but has nothing to do with Installing the above Control if something is preventing it. That and those add ons & the NOS can complicate matters, but right now I'm more interested in what is preventing the Control.


                                    Post back your Flash files and let's make sure what the status is now.


                                    Since this problem happened when using Shockwave Player, check in Programs & Features and let me know what version it is.

                                    It makes me think that perhaps the website that you received that message from updated their Shockwave Player and somehow something happened.


                                    There is a program that can be used to correct Permissions & Registry issues, but you haven't received any messages about needing Permissions or that the ActiveX Control can't be Registered. So I don't think it would work for you since the FP Installer didn't detect that.


                                    So post back the Flash files that are now Installed and let me know what version that Shockwave Player is. Do you have Shockwave Flash Object in All addons or Run without Permission of ANY version?






                                    Just reply whenever you can.

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                                      Maybe read my post "SOLUTION ..." in this forum

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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi jippy13, You can perform any action on your own computer. Advising users on the Flash forum to follow your thread is not wise. What you suggest is very risky and is not a solution at all. What you posted is NOT a safe procedure and I would even go so far as to say anyone following them would have more problems.


                                        If that was a "solution", Adobe would have posted it!!





                                        I will be advising each thread that you have posted on of this also.

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                                          cc143most Level 1

                                          Hi, Eidnolb...Thought I'd answer your last post quickly before I have to run back to the job tonight.


                                          My Flash files are the same as previously, but all have been updated as of 1/10/11 @ 4:37 - the last time I tried to install FP.


                                          I cannot find Shockwave Player to find the version; but, I downloaded an update at the same time I tried to download FP.  At that time, I used the Adobe DLM.  My Shockwave ActiveX is version

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                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                            Hi, ok thanks. Will check further.




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                                              cc143most Level 1

                                              Saw the post from JoyDeep.....sounded like my exact issue; so, I went to the link www.windowsxp.mvps.org/noflash.htm.  Found that I, too, had a code blocking FP in my RegEdit.  Deleted the key and it works GREAT!


                                              Thank you for all of your hard work!  It is greatly appreciated!

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                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                Hi, I think JoyDeep Ray needs a Gold Star  I responded to that thread. Glad you saw it, as I am just trying to respond to all of the threads I'm working on!! So I hadn't gotten to you yet, glad you saw it. Isn't that something? I read all of the links and articles from that link.


                                                My concern is how this is being done? Virus/Spyware would be my first guess. I think the time line would be informative, i.e. When did you Install Flash Player, which version? What websites were used prior to this issue?


                                                Now you posted your thread on 1/9/11 and said:

                                                I am using Vista 32 bit and IE 8.  Until yesterday, I have had no issues with Flash Player.  Yesterday, however, games I play on Shockwave were telling me to download the flash player.  I have, MANY times, to no avail.  I have used the Uninstaller, rebooting my computer .....


                                                You have a great time line as a game told you to download Flash Player. And you were using Shockwave(not sure if you mean the Shockwave Player or Flash Player). This is suspicious in itself, since why would you receive that kind of a notice when you were using Flash Player and playing the game???


                                                If you can remember which website you were on and which game told you that, it would be helpful. I think with some additional information, it should be reported to Adobe and let them investigate the games and websites.


                                                Let me know if you have any info regarding that.





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                                                  cc143most Level 1

                                                  JoyDeep Ray DEFINITELY deserves a gold star!  Days and days of frustration, solved in minutes.  Have to admit I was petrified to get into the RegEdit, though.  But between the post and link I was able to find the exact line to delete.  Yippee!


                                                  I play a couple of card games (Solitaire and Spider Solitaire) on shockwave.com.  Have played for years without any issue at all.  On the 8th, instead of loading the games, I received the message that I needed to download FP.  I, too, wonder about a virus/spyware issue. However, I have not been notified by AVG that anything is going on there and I scan each morning (I use the free version of AVG).  Something happened between the morning of the 7th and the evening of the 8th to block my FP.


                                                  Let me know if I can provide any other info that might be helpful; and, again, thank you so much for all of your hard work!  I don't have issues often; but, when I do, they are doozies!

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                                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                    Hi, yes I feel the same way about the Registry, LOL  I really think this was a virus or some type of malware. Someone could have been hacking the website too, since you have never had any problem with the site and games in all of that time. Is that website an interactive one? Sounds like it. If so then I would suspect another user.


                                                    Here is what I would do if I were you. I would go to www.malwarebytes.com and download the free version to your Desktop.

                                                    It won't conflict with AVG since you run it on demand from your Desktop. I have it on both of my computers. It has a clean user interface, everything is on the site when you open it. Scans, Updates, etc. If they find anything, they know how to get rid of it!!

                                                    Did I mention fast? LOL


                                                    Once you have it on your Desktop, I would close all browsers, disable all of AVG. If you need to know how to disable all of the components, let me know. It's not enough to just disable the Resident Shield. Then I would run a full scan with MBAM(malwarebytes) If they find anything, they will give you choices in what to do. A log is automatically made for you also.


                                                    After that is finished, I would re-enable all of AVG and run a full scan with it.


                                                    Thanks for your help with this. Oh, thanks for marking your thread as answered as well. I have bookmarked the "Kill-bit" thread and yours. Already referred another user to the one with the link.


                                                    If anything else comes up, I'll let you know.



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                                                      cc143most Level 1

                                                      I downloaded Malwarebytes and ran it.  I had two instances of rogue.fixtool and removed those.  However, my lovely husband finally felt it safe enough, now that the computer is fixed, to tell me that he accidentally downloaded the AV8 virus.  When the screen popped up telling him we were infected, he saw the AV and thought it was AVG.  When he realized what he had done, he got someone to help him clean it off of the computer. 


                                                      I would guess that AV8 probably did this damage; but, will keep Malwarebytes since AVG didn't pick up the rogue.fixtool!

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                                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                        Good Morning, Glad you used MBAM since they found some other malware. I would contact the website/games and let them know about AV8 also. You don't have to detail how you recovered, just put them on notice you got this from their website. Also I would advise AVG also that they did not detect it.


                                                        Here is a link that Avast has that shows the Virus/Spyware and worse activity:



                                                        Hopefully you won't have any more trouble, but if so Avast has a free online scanner if you know the file:



                                                        Sometimes because I am online so much, if I have any suspicion of a site I've been on, I will stop and close down all windows and run MBAM. I have MSE(Microsoft Security Essentials) also which is a free Anti-Virus/Spyware program. It's light on resources and what I like about it is that it has no addons in my browser. It does not have a Firewall so I just use Windows FW.


                                                        You may like to have this on hand to use. This is Microsoft's free PC Safety Scan. I would not use the Registry Cleaner though, it is even cautioned against in their forum.



                                                        I have a lot of AV/Spyware links and info bookmarked as you can tell, LOL


                                                        Thanks for the update!!


                                                        Stay safe out there in the "jungle"



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                                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                          Hi, I searched for this AV8 Virus/Spyware and found this. This is a great website in general and everything you want or need to know about this Virus is here, LOL






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                                                            Hi,  I am having this same issue.  I will give you my timeline.  Wednesday morning, January 12, I got the AV8 virus.  I have Windows Vista 32-bit version, IE8 and already had Flashplayer installed and I could view videos and pictures fine.  I got in touch with PC Tools and bought Spyware Doctor with AV and Registry Doctor (or something like that, I'm not on my computer).  I cleaned the computer and there was a trojan file that I discovered was missed.  I deleted it and everything seemed to be working fine.  My cousin posted a video from Safe Auto on my Facebook page and I was unable to play it.  There was a red X in the upper left corner.  This was my first indication that something was wrong.  I tried to play a video on YouTube and I got the same thing.  I can play videos from DVD.  I uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times.  When I went to programs in the control panel, 2 components of Flash Player 10 were listed there, but with no file size.  I ran Belarc, and the report did not show Flash Player 10 as being installed.  It was actually yesterday when I realized that all this install not installed business was going on.


                                                            The interesting thing (I'm not extremely IT savvy) is that I discovered I could play online videos using Firefox but not IE8.  I can't wait to get home and try the fix!




                                                            Unrelated question (if you want to direct me to a different thread that is fine).  Since I had the virus and got it cleaned out (hopefully), if I restore my computer to a point before the virus incident, what would be the likely result?


                                                            Thanks again!

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                                                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                              Hi, If it were my system I would delete the sub-key if it is there, rather than a system restore. This is the Windows Registry and Flash Player writes to it so the next time Flash Player is updated and that sub-key is there, you might have problems.


                                                              Just my opinion on what I would do.






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                                                                els622 Level 1

                                                                Thank you so much!  I am thinking the sub-key is the one referenced earlier

                                                                in the thread?

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                                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                  Hi, Yes, Post#19's link. Keep in mind that this article for the most part explains how to set the Kill-bit so you CAN'T get Flash Content!! It explains how to do that, HOWEVER, if that Sub-key is there, then you follow the procedure to REVERSE it. You don't want to follow the first procedure, it is there to explain it.




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                                                                    els622 Level 1

                                                                    Thanks again!

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                                                                      Hi! I'm having a problem with my Flash player as well. For some reason, a couple of weeks ago, my computer just stopped loading hbogo.com and HBO.com, and on other sites the flash is not loading correctly. I have a system running Windows 7, 64 Bit, and I have installed and reinstalled multiple times. For some reason, it just does not work on any of my browsers. Any help you be appreciated! Here is my original forum, it has some more specifics.




                                                                      Thank you!!!

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                                                                        Adobe flash player will not load on my Vista 32bit  laptop but loads on the other laptop, same OS


                                                                        So I save the Adobe installation files 1,030KB to a
                                                                        stick and ran this on the laptop with the problem.


                                                                        It works without any problems now.


                                                                        The file name is,


                                                                        I hope this works 4 U


                                                                        Not sure about Mac but might do the