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    Flash crashed and now operates without layouts????

    CJBoucherMedia Level 1

      I was working on a project, copying and pasting a large amount of frames and objects when Flash CS4 would not let me save, the message was something like "cannot save due to an unknown error" so I closed it and opened again, and the following error popus came up repeatedly:


      1) "The following panel layout is missing or could not be read:
      /Users/(my name)/Library/Application Support/Adobe Flash CS4/en/Configuration/Workspace/Animator.xml


      The application will not have have a correct layout. Please load one from Windows - > Workspace."


      2) " XML parsinfg fatal error: Invalid document structure lone: 1, files: Users/(my name)/Library/Application Support/Adobe Flash CS4/


      I looked for the file and it's actually in the folder.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled Flash CS4 twice, and the entire Creative Suite once already, none of this has solved the issue.


      Adobe support has withdrawn my request for help due to some contractual mumbo jumbo, is there anyone that's had this problem before and managed to fix it?.