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    Frame Hold feature doesn't work in PE8


      In one of my video clips, I want to freeze a frame in the middle, and then have that frame frozen until the end of the clip. The Frame Hold feature is supposed to accomplish this. However, I can't get it to work in Windows 7. Here are the steps I've taken, which is right out of the PDF manual for PE8:


      (1)     I open up a clip in the Preview Monitor.

      (2)     I position the CTI where the frame is to be held, then I mark it with Marker 0 (zero).

      (3)     I exit the Preview Monitor.

      (4)     I select the video clip, go to Clip, Video Options, Frame Hold. I check "Hold on," and specify Marker 0 (zero).


      But when I play the clip back, all of it is completely frozen -- before the zero marker and after the zero marker. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but this didn't help. I have 4 gigs of memory, and a 500+ gig hard drive. My video drivers are current and up-to-date. Does anyone have any clues as to why I'm not able to get the Frame Hold feature to work?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          There are some limitations, and what I feel are "oddities" with Frame Hold, both in PrE and PrPro. While we try to diagnose that issue, here is a way to accomplish what you want.


          This example is for "holding" on the last Frame of a Clip, but it would be the same, with but a few considerations, if one wished to do a "hold" on a Frame from within the Clip.


          In PrE, there is a little "camera" icon, that produces a still image from the Video. Select the Frame (last Frame in this example), and output a still image. Cannot recall the exact choices in PrE 8, but I think that they are BMP, or TIFF. Either will work. As I work more often with TIFF images, that is my choice, when presented with still image options. With that camera icon, one gets a still image, and it is placed in the Project Panel. Click-drag that to the Timeline, butting it up to the Clip, from which it was extracted, and then Click-drag on its Tail to extend its Duration to suit. That creates a "freeze frame" of the last Frame in that Clip, to the desired Duration.


          If one wishes to do this for a Frame elsewhere in the Clip, then just use the Scissors/Razor Tool to Cut the Clip at the desired Frame, complete the above steps, dragging the still image to where the Cut was made, and adjust the Duration to suit. With no modifier keys pressed, this will Ripple Edit, moving the remaining segment of the Clip that we Cut, to the right, and as we set the Duration, the Ripple will move everything to the right of that still, farther to the right.


          Hope that helps, while others diagnose what needs to be done with the Frame Hold. You should be able to easily accomplish what you want with the above method, and is how I do it, even in PrPro, as I find it difficult to get the Frame Hold feature to do just what I want, where I want it, and how I'd like it.


          Good luck,



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            Kawika808 Level 1

            This is an old thread, but I have a related question.


            First, what exactly is "Frame Hold" in PrE12?  If I search the PDF Manual (AKA "Tutorial"), there are zero occurrences.


            I gather from the above that it's supposed to allow the user to designate one or more frames at one or more points in the clip that will stop the action for a designated period of time.


            I have been accomplishing the same effect with the Freeze Frame function, which inserts a BMP image in the clip.  (It also allows the bmp to be saved to a folder on the computer.)  I don't like this because the insertion chops up the audio and sound tracks, creating gaps that are hard to fix later.  (See one of my other posts for more details on this.)


            So the Frame Hold option intrigues me with the hope that it would be less disruptive to the work flow.


            The other point of interest comes from Bill Hunt's comment above:

            "In PrE, there is a little "camera" icon, that produces a still image from the Video. Select the Frame (last Frame in this example), and output a still image. Cannot recall the exact choices in PrE 8, but I think that they are BMP, or TIFF."


            The Freeze Frame in PrE12 only allows BMP; I would love to have a TIFF option, and I'm hoping that Frame Hold might allow it.  (I thought could export a still image as TIFF, but I find that JPEG is the only option, and in any case that is time-wasting if you have a lot of frames to capture.)


            Yet another question: PrE has no little camera icon that I can find.  One has to go to Tools > Freeze Frame (or use a shortcut key, which I do).  Then the choice is either Export as BMP or Insert in video.  (If you want to do both, choose Export first, since Insert will close the dialog box and you will have to start over to do the Export.)  Has the camera icon (which had the obvious advantage of being simple, quick and intuitive) been replaced?


            Bottom line: does Frame Hold (supposedly) accomplish the same as Insert Freeze Frame, without the disruption of other tracks?  If so (or even if not), how?  I have futzed around with it for quite some time and have no idea of how it is supposed to function.  I have tried setting inpoint, outpoint, marker zero, etc. and no matter what I do, the video keeps on rolling right through that point when I get there.


            It's frustrating to have a feature that is not searchable in the "Manual" and doesn't lend itself to trial and error discovery.


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