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    Editable region problem

    Al Wise

      Hi, i'm not sure if this has been posted before, but i'v had a look and found nothing. Pretty much i have created a template for a website with one editable region, which is where the content for each page will be changeable, the problem i am having is that for my home page for example i want rotating images, i have the javascript i need, but it needs to go in the <head></ head>, and because the only editable region is the content area, i can't put it there. The only way i can paste the code in the <head></ head> is by doing so in my template, but that makes it appear on all pages, where i only want it to work on the home page. Is there any way i can do this, or should i just paste it in the template?



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          garywpaul Level 5

          The section of js that you are to put into the head is not the part of the js that is viewed.  It is common to have a js file (usually pointing to an external file) in the head, the the script that calls the js to the screen is in the body.


          You can of course simply create a new editable region in the <head> and put it there, but is sounds like you are not putting the file in correctly.


          If the page is live, post a link, or post the code here, someone will get you fixed up.