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    Cineform users out there?


      Hi all,

      I'm sorry for this "repeated" topic but I can't find a clear answer.


      After trying several "Free" conversion methods, I decided to try Cineforms HD

      All I want to do is get the MAX quality going from HD to  DVD


      I have a HDV 23.976 timeline.

      I want to Downres to SD (for DVD)


      My workflow has been  :

      Render HD to Mpeg-dvd preset

      Import it into encore.



      I have cineform's NeoHD (trial)

      I don't know where the downsize takes place.

      Do I simply change the 1440 size to 720  and that's it?


      I Can NOT find ANY Info ANYWHERE explaining step by step on how to down size to DVD


      Thanks guys,


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          I exclusively start with AVCHD, transcode with Cineform NeoScene and eventually end with SD DVD. Though it's not HDV, I suppose there are many similarities. There are a few ways with this. Mostly I start with an SD DV AVI widescreen project preset, where I import the transcoded Cineform *.AVIs into. Since these are 1920x1080 files, I resize them to 53% in clip effects controls>motion to get them to fit nicely into the either 720x480 or 720x576 space. In my experience, CS5 now scales better than previous versions. I edit my timeline then export. There are further options to export. The first obvious choice is to use the accompanying Adobe Media Encoder. It's quick and painless, but at the same settings I can plainly see the results are inferior to that produced by Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) basic. CCE basic plug-ins no longer work for Premiere Pro CS5; I suppose they will have new ones (for me to fork $$ over with of course). So I have to resort to the long-winding method of exporting to DV AVI first, before encoding with the CCE basic stand-alone program. I'm still trying to figure out what frameserver programs there are that can do this for Premiere CS5; the present vesion of Debugmode does not.

          Another way would be to start with a custom HD preset 1920x1080 in Premiere Pro and edit that way, then produce humongous Cineform *.AVI files (not allowing Premiere to do any downscaling). These files can then be encoded with programs that accept and downscale. I have not tried CCE basic for this (having only everr given it SD files), but HCEnc and TMPGenc might.

          So the issues which can influence your SD results lie in if and how Premiere scales the HD source down to SD, and what MPEG encoder is used. IMHO, Premiere, which has always allied itself with MainConcept for MPEG encoding and whatnot, could produce better-looking results if they went with Cinema Craft instead.

          Some of the videos I have made this way are at 888epmz in YouTube. Of course they have been mangled down to that form of FLV to upload, but do see them anyway.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You capture your footage with Cineform, this will give you Cineform avi's with a resolution of 1440x1080.

            You set up a Cineform sequence (the are in the presets, I use just NeoScene so i set up a regular hdv-sequence), drop your Cineform avi's in there and edit away.

            When finished export as a Cineform HD avi, which in this case is 1440x1080.

            Import this into Encore and encode/burn to dvd.


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              Kona Bob Level 2

              Gee whiz, Ann...

              You're taking all of the mystery out of it.

              Where's the fun in that?

              No more 32 page threads on how to make a DVD

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                Blue_Devil1 Level 2



                Did you leave out the step I do (I'm using NeoHD) where I downsize the either 1920x1080 or 1440x1080 to 720x480 PAR 1.2 when I export from Premiere, or don't you downsize?


                John Rich

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                  Kona Bob Level 2


                  The issue used to be the poor job that AME did of rescaling interlaced HD down to m2v for DVD.

                  The work around to get the best DVD image was as you indicate- use the CF engine to downscale to SD CF.avi, then transcode to DVD from the SD master.

                  CS5 AME seems to do a very creditable job of the downscale now, so the extra steps can be skipped and the result is a nice looking DVD.

                  I still think I can squeeze a little more DVD image quality (for interlaced footage) by using an SD CF master and doing the transcode to DVD in ProCoder 3, but the difference is less noticable than it used to be, and for many projects may not justify the extra effort.

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                    Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Well, to be honest i do not use AME for downrezzing to mpeg2-dvd.

                    I used to use Dan Isaacs methode but abbanded that because i found TMPGenc just as good.

                    I do find CS5 a lost better in downrezzing than its previous versions.

                    0.32 page is that OK?

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                      Blue_Devil1 Level 2

                      The original poster wanted to know what the Cineform workflow for converting to SD from HD was so I wanted to mention that scaling was part of it.


                      Here is a thread that talks in detail about the scaling and the use of HDLink to scale.  It seems things may be more complex than I originally thought as discussed by Roger Averdahl at the end.

                      Look at post # 5 and 6 and then at the end.  If you do File-Export -Movie, downscale the output with the settings there.  If HDLink use Convert and then set the output settings to SD.




                      I use Bob's procedure without the Procoder.