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    XML wsdl Code Generator

      I’ve run into an issue using ColdFusion web services and need to know if the following is possible.

      My use case is this; I’m to integrate with a third party that supplies two wsdl documents, one that they are the producer of and I am the consumer, and the other that I should produce and they will consume. The interaction requires the passing of complex types. The reason I have to be the supplier of one of the services is to serve as a callback for third party application to retrieve certain information. Since it integrates with multiple applications and expects them to conform to this wsdl definition, I'm in a position where I have to be able to supply the web service in that exact format.

      Based upon all the research I’ve done, the standard way to expose a web service in ColdFusion is to create a cfc object and expose the methods I want to allow to be invoked. Is it possible to generate the necessary objects based off an existing wsdl? So if I was given a wsdl document called service.wsdl, is there any generator I can run it through to generate the necessary objects to satisfy the interface described in that document? Other languages like Java or .NET have code generators for that kind of thing, so I’m looking for the equivalent in ColdFusion.