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    CS5 Trial and CC spotlight

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      I have Premium Production of CS4 installed for a long time but am trying out CS5 now.


      Loading a project started in CS4, I get a chance to save to a new project file for CS5 and do so.  Once the project loads an effect I had in it using CC spotlight is gone... I'm told when I search `effects' for it that it is missing.


      I thought maybe it had been removed but googling around I don't see anything confirming that at all and in fact see it listed as one of the effects for CS5.


      Then it occured to me it might be something to do with being a trial version, but searching on `spotlight' in this forum shows no confirmation of really of anything regarding spotlight other than queries about how to use it.   I also considered that maybe it had not been ported to 64 bit, but again find no confirmation.


      So I'm now puzzling how it might come to be missing... since I've done no monkeying around in the installed files.


      Can anyone offer a clue what might be going on, or maybe how to replace it?