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    Premiere Sharing


      Howdy Folks ~


      I've got a brand new factory install of Premiere Elements 8 as it arrived on a Sony VAIO F series laptop, and the first time I have just used it there are no presets or choices available when I enter the "Share" menu, then "Web".  Documentation states that there should be options for uploading different formats with presets for youtube, etc., but there is nothing there at all.


      Does anyone know where these can be either found, downloaded, or added so that this functionality is available?  And if so, where they should be added to?


      Thank you in advance!



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          You should certainly have many Presets under Share. First, some of the screens are obscured as they need for one to Scroll to see them all. Look on the right-hand side of that Panel, and slide the Scroll Bars, just to check that they are, in fact, missing. Look closely at the panel, as the Scroll Bars do not stand out all that clearly.


          If the Presets are missing (and there would also be missing DVD Menu Sets, Transitions and Effects), then it is possible that the additional Functional Content has not bee installed. Did you get a copy of the PrE media - the DVD?


          Probably the easiest way to check would be to go to Create Menus, and then look at the various choices that you have. Look at the top, and there should be a drop-down, where you would then see Entertainment, General, etc. Do you have those?


          Good luck,