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    Dynamically customise button component skin

      Hi all,

      I'm building a CS3/AS3 touch-screen kiosk application using a Flash GUI embedded in a .NET wrapper to allow for db/hardware integration. I'm trying to allow our clients to dynamically customise the colour (and therefore skins) of the pre-built component buttons. This used to be possible in AS2 with an external class although I believe it is now deprecated (according to Adobe livedocs anyway). The previous version of this app that I built used AS1 and simply referenced an instance of a movieclip within the "old style" button assembly.

      I can access/customise the button labels for size and colour, but not the actual individual skins for overSkin, downSkin etc. Is there anyway to do this dynamically so that I could can change the colour at run time from some settings in an external XML file ?

      Alternatively, is it possible to access the Component Assets in the library at runtime and change the colours/skins for all the buttons there? I'm guessing they're beyond editing at this stage as they have been compiled.

      Any suggestions gratefully received!