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    Starter edition 3.2 screw up

    S bremm

      Hello there folks


      I got a not so little problem with photo starter edidion3.2 me thinks.


      Here is the problem.


      I got this computer from a friend a while ago,I downloaded all my pics old and new in it, they happen to went in the starter edition 3.2 that happened to be installed in this computer.

      Apparently it was not registered,but i kept putting of registering till i had exausted all register prompts till the last one.But when i tried registering i found out to my dismay that this particulair addition was allready outdated before i even got the computer and i can no longer get a code asigned to open this program

      As a result i can no longer access my pictures as it it is me denied every time i try. That sucks cause i got no copies anywhere.


      When i try to contact Adobe helpline as to how to retrieve my pics i get no results but an atempt to sell me another version.


      All i want is a way to copy these pics to another program


      Any one out there know how to do this.



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          From playing with Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.2 over the years I have learned that it does not store actual photos. I migrated from Windows XP MCE 2005; SP3 to Windows 7 Home Premium x64, to Windows Home Premium x86, to adding Service Pack 1, and not lost any photos; PSSE 3.2 is still alive and kicking, and re-catalogued 60,000+ images I have. But I always knew where they were in Windows. For Windows XP, they were kept in C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents\My Pictures. In Windows 7, they will be in C:\Users\%Username%\My Pictures. Those are the default Windows locations, but image handling programs may have different locations. One place you might try would be C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents\My Pictures\Adobe if you have Windows XP, or C:\Users\%Username%\My Pictures\Adobe if you have Windows 7. Or use the Windows Explorer "Search" function for *.jpg, or whatever filetype your images are.


          The problem is, if you used any kind of file handling program to manipulate the images, which relocated them to some other storage device, or location, and that application offered to delete the files from the original location, the files will be irrevocably lost, unless you have access to the relocation destination. I've never used the PSSE 3.2  "Adobe Downloader", so I don't know how it works. I've always disabled it. In theory, it should put the downloaded images in the "Adobe" folder I mentioned above. So if you downloaded images from a camera, and the downloader helpfully offered to clear the camera memory, they should be in the path to the "Adobe" folder on your computer; else they will be gone.


          That is the best of what I know about this program.


          N. Miller

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            S bremm Level 1

            Thank you so much for the info.


            I have been able to retrieve a bunch of pics using "search" in my

            computer,but only the ones i remembered under what name they where filed.But

            the pics with just a date or number are still out of reach.


            What realy pisses me of is that the Adobe corp offers no help in these



            Thanks again

            S Bremmer

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              Batty P

              I thought I had a similar problem when my computer crashed and I lost everything on it and thought my photos were lost because I didn't realise that Adobe was only a viewing platform..  My computer guy transferred over all my files but I couldn't unlock the new Adobe Starter Album.


              I downloaded Picassa and told it to scan for all the photos on my hard drive.  Picassa acts in much the same way as Adobe.  It found all my photos for me and if when I right clicked on a particular photo, there is an option to 'locate on disk'.  If you click on that option, it will take you to the photo stored on the hard drive which will then give you the location.


              But more importantly, Picassa all the folders that the photos are in and display them the same as Starter.


              One word of caution though, don't start moving pictures about in folders via Picassa until you understand how the programme works because it is directly linked to the original folders


              Hope this helps.

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                S bremm Level 1


                Thank you so much,i will try that.