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    Stability of Adobe AIR


      Hi there!
      I have been developing visualization software for automation systems in buildings. This is built on the Flash platform, but unfortunately on the outdated AS2. Since there is a lot of outgoing connections, such as XMLSockets (max 5) and LoadVars request(max 10 per second), there have been some problems regarding stability and memory usage when running for long periods. The flash player crashes after several days, sometimes even after several hours.
      My question in this matter is: will AS3 and AIR provide a stable enough environment for Flash to run for days, perhaps even weeks in a row? I have optimized my AS2 code again and again, yet it continues to crash after days sometimes even within hours. So is it wise to invest in Adobe Air or should I look for another platform regarding stability?
      Your help will be much appreciated,
      Thanks in advance and kind regards,


      Thomas van der Ploeg

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          Lee Burrows Level 4



          A swf (or AIR app) should be able to run for days or weeks (just like any other software) so i humbly suggest that there may be a problem with with the way your app has been coded?


          If it takes hours or days to crash, then it sounds like your flash app is eating up memory over time until it runs out (and crashes) - try monitoring memory usage (task manager on windows, not sure about macs) to see if it keeps going up. If it is, then your code is probably not removing unused objects properly (ie: they stay in memory).


          Having said that, AS3 is much better than AS2 (imo) so i would suggest upgrading to AS3 - but it can be quite a steep learning curve...

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            ThAlmighty Level 1

            Hello Lee,

            Thank you. I have done some stress testing and turns out that the outgoing communication (done through LoadVars objects) eats up memory. The class used for this surely frees up the memory. After every 50.000 requests or so, the memory increases with 10 / 20 mb. Both the objects and references are surely deleted after use. Since there are roughly 40.000 requests every hour, the application crashes after 6-8 hours (systems are limited in memory).
            I guess the LoadVars object does leave some trails in the memory. Any thoughts on that? I am already quite familiar with AS3. My concerns are more related towards the stability of the platform, since AS2 seems to leak.

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              Lee Burrows Level 4

              hi thomas


              its been so long since i used as2 i cant really offer any advice on LoadVars - maybe somebody on the as2 forum can help?