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    Where should i store downloaded files?


      My air app downloads files from a server...at the moment they are stored in the users downlaods folder...


      However i need the app to work on all platforms..so will download folder be a problem?


      Is there some file store local to the air app where i can download to?

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          aktell2007 Level 1

          Well, there are several places:

          Pointing it to the user's home directory, to the user's documents directory, to the desktop director, to the application storage directory, and all that you can find if you Search for say the 'Local File system Flex AIR' or even your HELP section in your Flex Builder. Lot's of examples are there as well I'm ure you will find something helpful.

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            flexillu10 Level 1

            OK Thanks.


            Also, i wonder if someone could help me with this a similar problem.


            In my air app, my user logs in. This is using a HTTP request to a PHP file stored on my server. All this does is check that the username and password combination is in the database.


            However if i want to store for example a "location for downloaded files" for each user. This will be stored locally right?


            So if they want downloads to go to C://myDocs/nameDownloads they enter in into a text box and i save it.


            My question is how and where do i save this data?


            If i saved it locally how do i stop another user over writing this data, and when i want to access it how do i do that?