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    Problems attaching an external style sheet to several HTML files created with a template

    WTDedula Level 1

      Hello All;

      I've been working on a task that should have taken me a few minutes but instead, it's been taken all day.


      I am creating a site using a template and out of the template, I've created about 6 html files each of which is a different page off the main menu.


      I created a blank css file and tried to attach it to one of the menu pages but it keeps saying that the link failed.


      If you want to see my code, follow the link below ...




      I am trying to attach a separate style sheet to this page so that I can style the table differently than other pages that use a table but up until now, I have not figured out how to do that in DW. I am not proficient at writing CSS code directly so I am using DW - hope that's possible.


      While templates seem very useful, they are also a source of fustration for the beginner.