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    Flash builder 4 and "Burrito" is the same app?

    Martin Capella Media



      I recently bought CS5 Master, and im now digging into android development.

      I was about to start this tutorial: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/employee-directory-android-flex.html

      But I don't have "Flex Mobile Project" in my "Flash builder 4" program!!?


      So I do some research on burrito and thinking to myself that it might be something else than flash builder 4, kind of like photoshop and lightrom.

      But when I download "burrito" it says installing "Flash builder".


      What is going on?

      Why can't I just create a "Flex Mobile Project" from my Flash Builder 4?

      Do I have to install something into my Flash builder 4 maybe? perhaps a Android SDK extension? How do I do that?


      I hope someone can help me on this subject, as I find the documentation somewhat unclear.