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    Using Facebook SDK in Air HTML environment

    icecappacino Level 1



      I am building an AIR application using HTML/JS and I'm trying to work with Facebook Javascript SDK for some simple functionality.


      It seem however when running and an AIR environment I am not able to access the FB object.


      I have the SDK locally so I know its there but simple FB.init() and FB.login() are non-existent and without errors...


      I also tried using the FB AS3 library by incldeding it in <script> tags but this gives me an error


      TypeError new window.runtime.com.facebook.graph.Facebook() is not a constructor

      Don't know if its because my xml namespace is version 2.0 and not 1.5 (1.5 errors as well but it says some IFilePromise class is not found.



      Can the Javascript SDK be used in building Adobe AIR HTML apps?