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    Completely Frustrated With Premier Pro - Import .jpeg Odd Behavior

    levinethemachine Level 1

      Hello Forum.


      Utterly frustrated here.  Each time I work with this program it fails.  It either operates erratically, or crashes.  After working for weeks on a project-I hit a brick wall.  Simple tasks are difficult.  Here is what happens:


      1.) Windows 7 up to date with all updates

      2.) Adobe Premier Pro CS5 up to date with all updates


      Import file1.jpg.  Drag and drop to the timeline.

      Import file2.jpg.  Drag and drop into the timeline.


      file2 is a totally different image than file1-but they appear identical.  I have tried this dozens of times and in between restarts and reboot because "Windows has detected a problem and has to restart Adobe Premier Pro" The problem does not go away.  The previous image keeps coming back...it is like it is stored somewhere in memory and no matter what image I import-it will not go away.  It is totally unpredictable other than it predictably unpredictable.


      Now when I import file3.jpeg - it too takes on the image of file1.


      It is like this program has lost its mind and will not import images past a certain point.  Start over?  Why?  After weeks of work?  I will go looking for a stable alternative product first.  All of the other software I run on this computer operates normally. All of the images are mine.  I took them and I own them and they are simple .jepg images.  I have searched the internet and have found nothing.


      This is why people should not trust family to create wedding videos for them...the software is just to rife with defects to be trusted. I am no neewb-I have been in the technology industry for 25 years and this software is not dependable.  Now-if I am doing something wrong-or this is some kind of undocumented side effect-let me know-I am only to humble to eat crow.


      It is just my experience with Premier Pro has never been a positive one...