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    Advanced Datagrid - Summary Row without groupping

    Roman Trushkov Level 1
      I need to make a datagrid with a summary row on top of it. It works fine with the gropping tag inside of groupping collection.
      But i don't need groups - i need only summaries.

      When I white following code inside of Advanced - flex crashes and tell something like "cannot null blablala".


      <mx:GroupingCollection id="smallMetricsDataProvider" source="{bigMetrics}">
      <mx:SummaryRow summaryPlacement="first">
      <mx:SummaryField dataField="@type" operation="COUNT" />
      <mx:SummaryField dataField="@budget" summaryFunction="MetricsUtils.varianceTotalCount" />
      <mx:SummaryField dataField="@raw" summaryFunction="MetricsUtils.varianceTotalCount" />

      What can you advice 4 me?

      Thanks, Roman.