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    Version 6 - various crashing problems

      I have major stability problems with Robohelp 6.
      All the problems appear to be linked to a variety of Microsoft supplied DLLs ranging from the HTML parser to the Visual C run time library which are all loaded in process.
      When one of these throws an exception, for example while parsing a web page which contains invalid syntax, Robohelp handles the error by crashing. The worst part about this is the complete lack of error logging - I have no idea what Robohelp is doing at the time it crashes.

      When trying to import a thousand topic help project it would die half way through. I had to resort to using the Windows Filemon application to figure out which HTML file was causing the problem because Robohelp told me absolutely nothing.

      Several time a day while previewing a help topic the in-process chm viewer crashes and takes the rest of Robohelp with it.

      Today I tried using the Robohelp command line compiler (rhcl) to compile a 1000 topic project which compiles OK when using the GUI. The command line compiler just crashes in the Visual C run time library with no information as to what it was doing at the time.

      Can someone at Adobe please send me a version which either generates extensive logging information, or which contains debug information so that it can generate a stack trace when it crashes.


      Mike Buckler