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    Removing titles from other media clips


      As part of my work (tourism marketing) I do cool things around the town I live in (Port Douglas in the lovely tropics of Australia) and put together a short video clip as if I'm a tourist. I recently went out to the Great Barrier Reef diving and the stock video I have of diving underwater has the company's branding all over it. While we do credit the company at the end of the video, we would prefer it not to look too commercial and keep that casual, touristy appeal. I have asked the company for unbranded video, but if they aren't able to get it to me, is there a way to remove it myself? Or crop the bottom of the clip out and then possibly resize? I've been trying to figure it out all afternoon and so far no luck! I'm hoping there is some tricky method I haven't come across yet...


      Thank you!

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          nealeh Level 5

          Yes, there is a  Crop effect (Edit Tab> Effects) and it can cut the bottom off your clip. Resizing will need some trial and error to ensure you don't get too much softness. Use the WAB bar to select just a small section of the clip (so that you don't have to render the entire red line) until satisfied.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Unfortunately, their logo is "burned" into the footage, i.e. no pixels "below" it.


            As Neale states, the normal method is to use the Effect>Motion>Scale, and possibly Effect>Motion>Position to get that logo off-screen. The Crop Effect can be used, but one will have a black bar to contend with, if Scale is not used.


            Considering your use, and the aesthetic of the "home-movie" footage, the other method is not going to work well - creating a new logo, to go over the existing one. The closest that I can think of is the "date/time" stamp, that some cameras can place in the footage, a la old VHS cameras, and a lot of consumer still cameras. However, this is just the date and time of the shooting, and unless the original logo is pretty much exactly like the date/time characters, it will show through.


            A third method, with one variation, can work, but heavily depends on the footage used. Say you have a medium wide shot of the reef, where the general subjects, fish, coral, etc. are near the center, and the view falls off into a more amorphous background, one can use a clean section of that background, duplicate that and use it as a PiP (Picture in Picture), to cover that logo. To "soften" the edges of that PiP, one could limit it with Track Matte Keying and Blur the edges of the Matte. Along these lines, one could do similar in AfterEffects with its Clone Tool. Again, the success of either of these methods would depend on the framing and subject matter, and each is a bit of work to get a natural look.


            For me, Neale's method would be my first choice. The image will be slightly degraded, with the Effect>Motion>Scale, but then you are trying to make it look like "tourist" footage anyway.


            Good luck,



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              ChelseaR4877 Level 1

              Hi, thank you so much for your speedy feedback. I tried to do as you suggested but I couldn't figure it out. I could do the crop function but could not figure out how to resize it. I also have no idea what a WAP is? I had a look on the help function but it didn't come up with anything!  In the end, I was able to get other footage from the company without the branding all over it. I'm quite an amatuer at it all but that's the effect I guess! Here it is - if you like, please feel free to let me know if there's something editing wise I could improve on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfez-eUUxSE


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                In the case of the WAB, it is Work Area Bar, and is a feature in the Timeline, that will restrict Render, or Export/Share (most formats) to just a segment of the Timeline. See this image (from PrE 4, so things will look just a bit different, but the function is the same:


                For doing the Scaling, one would use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale to resize the Clip. Once one has Selected the Clip, they would go to the Effects tab, and then Edit Effects. If no other Effects have been added, one will see the fixed Effects, and would want to twirl open Motion, where they will see both Scale and Position. Both can be useful, when eliminating a watermark, depending on where it is located in the Frame.


                Hope that this helps, and good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Looks good. Here are the things that I noticed:


                  • Check out Transition at ~ 00;00;21;00, as something looks a bit off there
                  • Shot of dive leader climbing back aboard too long at ~ 00;00;32;00
                  • Audio of dive leader onboard in galley has too much ambient noise, but other shots it's not so bad
                  • L-cuts with dive leader & captain good, as you show some cut-aways, over their continuing conversation


                  Well done, and thank you for sharing. I really found nothing wrong with the edited UW footage. Nice job!



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                    ChelseaR4877 Level 1

                    Hi Hunt,


                    Thanks very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I checked the transition at that point and it was footage from the company that I inserted into our footage, so I'm not sure what happened there, but I can see it kind of jumps a bit. I agree the shot comign out of the water was too long. The background noise is also an issue when we are filming, as it's pretty much on a digi cam and I am unable to edit it out - probably just my skill level, but I've tried a few of the effects and it doesn't work really at all.


                    Thanks again!


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                      ChelseaR4877 Level 1

                      Ok gotcha, thank you for that. I thought it might be something really obvious!

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        That audio would even be an issue with a full sound crew and great, directional lav.mics. Unless the director absolutely insisted on shooting in that noisy location, I'd have gone to the foredeck, and shot the same comments. Even with ambient noise, other shots were much, much better, and all was easily picked out. That one was just not clear enough for me. While one might be able to use a program, like Audition, to clean it up a bit, I think that the environment was just too noisy and too reflective. One could spend a fortune trying to clean it up in post, but I'd have said, "hey, this isn't recording well enough for me. I'm going to reshoot up top and on the bow. You can pick your version, when we edit." At least with video, the directors seldom say, "but we don't have the money for that extra footage... "


                        If you have done the final release, this ARTICLE might offer some tips on the Audio in that shot - or maybe not. Not sure that a lot can be done, but I have been wrong before.


                        Good luck, well done, and thank you!



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                          ChelseaR4877 Level 1

                          You are right, you can never have too much footage which can then be edited out! Will keep that in mind for our future vids.


                          I have bookmarked your article for future reference. Though I have tried to use those tools with varying degrees of success, this might be more helpful with the explanation and how-to!


                          Thanks again for your feedback and assistance, much appreciated!