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    Form Fields not holding focus

      I am having an odd problem with the Flex application at http://www.realestate-websites.com/agents.cfm.

      On the "Website Design Gallery" tab, if you click the preview button to look at one of the sites in a new window, and then click on the 30 day free trial button, none of the form fields will hold focus when you click on them.

      If you click on the 30 day trial button without previewing the website first, everything works great as expected.

      The design gallery is a Flash file that is loaded into Flex. The action on the preview button is a simple getURL() call within Flash, which to my knowledge should have no impact on the Flex app at all. The 30 day trial button uses LocalConnection to talk to Flex, enable the "SignUp" tab, and proceed to it.

      Can anyone tell me why this problem might be happening?


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          joe28sfl Level 1
          FYI.......I have pinned the issue down to a problem caused by loading a link in a new window using _blank. I have done it three different ways:

          1. Using getURL("urlHere", "_blank");
          2. Using LocalConnection to trigger the new window from within Flex rather than from the AS 2.0 swf file as in number 1 above.
          3. Calling a javascript function from Flex and coding the popup window right in the html of the page

          All three methods cause the same problem. The problem goes away if you use _self instead. It's not really ideal for my app.....but at least it works for now.