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    strange behavior when rendering

    M.Rueb Level 1

      Hi everyone

      I'm running on a quad core with 2,8 GHz, 16 GB Ram with Windows 7 Professional and After Effects CS4. The newest patches applied.


      I'm trying to render an image sequence of 5000 frames as an uncompressed 10 bit 4:2:2 avi in PAL 16:9 Resolution. 50% of the renders it just fills the Ram up to 100% and crashes without even creating a log file or any error message.The thing is that inside After Effects it keeps telling me that 47% of 4Gb are used which looks quite normal to me. But when i'm opening the task manager you can watch the Ram filling up to 100% in a straight line. It seems as if After Effects doesn't clear the Ram but just takes more and more until there's nothing left.

      When i'm rendering that project on another machine it works just fine.

      I have Multiprocessing activated and storage overflow is checked in the rendersettings. If i disable either of that it works.


      Right now i'm not looking for a way around that problem as i already got that but i'm trying to understand why it happens and what i can change to prevent it from happening again. I'm not even sure if its a problem in After Effects or with that machine or a combination of both.


      Thanks for any help i can get


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Actually it is a miscommunication between the OS and the program, I believe. W7 uses a completely new CoDec architecture under the hood and doesn't really handle some scenarios that involve legacy CoDecs that well. If turning off MP makes it render correctly, that seems a reasonable enough "fix". You could always render to image sequences with MP on and then assemble the frames to clips using another pass without MP. The latter would probably only take a few seconds... You could also add Adobe Media Encoder to the equation and have it do the assembly part in an automated fashion using a watch folder... Aside from the extra disk usage I see no disadvantage here.