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    Is there  a format for movies that is similar to PNG files

    bdaul Level 1

      I am new to much of the formats of animation.  I want to create an animation that has a invisible background so if I play it on a page that has a background the background wll appear where the animation is not.  I have a webpage that has a gradietn and ineed the image to remain having the same background.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Short version: There is no such thing. Long version: Transparency is an illusion and up to how the client (your browser) is able to interpret specific file formats. just like, in theory, it could just ignore transparencies in GIFs or PNGs, without the playback routine having specific prerequisites there wil lnever be transparency. That being said, your only option at this point is Flash video (FLV), but even then rendering it out from AE with transparency is jsut half the equation. You still need a proper Flash video player embedded in your web page and need to instruct it by ways of parameters in the surrouinding JavaScript code (FlashVars) to actually use transparency as well as hide its player skin. So before you even start, properly research that part. it's not by any means a simple solution just in AE. and on a sidenote, of course nothing stops you from foregoing transparency and adding a piece of your background to the video to create the illusion...