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    Contribute admin error: Exceeded site user limit

    DKWilliams Level 1
      We are running a mixture of Contribute 3, 4, and the new CS3 with Contribute Publishing Server 1.1, connecting through LDAP to our Active Directory environment, which we have been running over a year. We have suddenly run into an odd set of problems. Almost all the user entries in the Administration page were marked out with a red line - like they would be if terminated - with a "user not in directory" error even though 1) they are in AD, 2) we can verify the accounts in the CPS panel, and 3) they can log in and edit their pages just fine. Suddenly, the red lines went away but when we try to add new users, we get the message "Exceeded site user limit". Which should be impossible as we have purchased 250 licenses of both Contribute and CPS, and we've only added 100 users so far. The only things that have changed recently are that 1) we added a new AD server and 2) We've upgraded our admin users to CS3 while everyone else is still running 3.11 or 4. Any ideas?