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    Font preview in Illustrator CS5 - or font preview plugin available ?????

    Todd-sta Level 1

      I'm wondering if there is a Font Preview plugin available that will do what Illustrator SHOULD HAVE done for many years - which is to actually allow you to toggle through your font list and display the text you entered in the fonts you are clicking through - - kind of like what CorelDraw has had for the last 15 years.


      Imagine that... being able to review text in a selected font to facillitate the selection of an appropriate visual reference for logos, etc.  Earth-shaking, I know.


      Sarcasm and frustration aside...  it seems there would be an Illustrator plugin by now that would do this???


      Or do I have to continue to have CorelDraw opened up so that I can review text in various fonts to determine the best choice for a given project font???