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    VOIP / Camera & Voice Pod


      When using VOIP for audio do you need to use a Camera & Voice pod in your layout?


      Or can you just click the Talk button and begin talking?

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          PhilV79 Level 1

          PS. I'm using Connect 7.5.


          Also, does the Camera & Voice pod need to be in the area visible to attendees? Or can it be placed 'off screen' and still work?

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            There are 2 ways to start VoIP in Connect 7.5:


            1. Click on talk button (starts only VoIP)
            2. Click on Start my camera and voice in Camera and VoIP pod (starts camera as well as VoIP)


            If you connect using #1 , you can even hide Camera and VoIP pod it will still send the audio.

            If you connect using #2 , if you hide Camera and VoIP pod it will stop sending the audio. In face if you move that pod to Presnter only area , audio will be audible to hosts and Presenters.


            Hope this helps !

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              Heyward Drummond Level 3

              The Camera and Voice Pod needs to be on-screen for attendees to see the video webcam. If you have it in the Presenter Area then only the Presenters and Hosts can see the video. Once moved into the main screen then everyone can see the video. The pod is used for webcam or camcorder support. The audio is controlled in the main menu audio menu.