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    Expanding flowed form to two pages won't work


      Hello all!

      I've been working on this form, it seems forever, and every time I resolve one issue another seems to pop up. I thought I had flowed this Dynamic form I've built in LiveCycle properly, only to discover that it won't actually expand to two pages. The flowed fileds in Section C will expand, but then cut off at the bottom of the page - you lose the last bit of your text, the remaining fields underneath and don't get bumped over to page two. I think the problem might be in either my subform wrapping or in the Master Page layout, but try as I might I can't figure it out. I'd like to attach the form, but don't see a way to do that? Any ideas on how to send the form in so it's easier to see what I'm referring to?


      Many thanks anyone and everyone who takes a look at my question.