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    Can AIR do this?

    mickyfokken Level 1

      Hi all!

      I was told that Adobe AIR can be used to develop the following solution.  If so, I'm trying to find resources that I can read to learn how this can be done.  I want to learn how to fish, not have someone fish for me.  :-)


      1.  Client-installed app monitors a user's activity on a computer by "watching the screen"

      2.  When a specific page appears, app displays a message that floats over the page

      3.  If the user minimizes the screen, the app hides the floating message.  The floating message moves if the screen is resized.


      The purpose of this is to provide text instructions that look like they are part of the webpage, but in reality are simply floating over the webpage.


      There are other capabilities I'm looking for, but for now, we can start simple. 


      Thanks in advance, and please let me know if I need to clarify my post.