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    Application Height

      I've got an application that opens with a panel with a height of 872 (which has my content). Now, when i open the app in my browser (@ 1280x1024) it displays alright, but the moment i resize the browser to simulate a smaller resolution, my app's scroll bars don't reach the top of the panel.

      ie; when i use the scroll bar, i can't get to the mx:image thats in the top left of the panel.

      I've tried setting minHeight on my application tag at the top and it doesn't help, nor does setting a static height.

      I also treid manually forcing the verticalScrollPolicy to be always on but the scroll bar doesn't display then.

      Edit: Oh and of course, I can always just set the embed in the html to my required height but i'd rather not, so that i can use the custom flex scrollbars.