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    How do you get links to work properly in interactive pdf file on indesign


      I'm trying to create an interactive pdf e-mail presentation and my pdf links don't work properly in Acrobat. I tried to use anchor text to go to pages. I don't understand why Indesign makes things so complicated for.  I need to know what I'm doing wrong. I create the buttons with and overstate   Then I create a hyperlink for that button and use page for the destination     That doesn't work so now I tried anchor text to go to pages creating an anchor in each page to go to.  Also I want to ad a flash intro file to my e-mail presentation. How do you accomplish that?  Once last question. What size should your e-mail page be when designing it on Indesign. Any other pertinent information and tips on designing an e-mail interactive presentation in Indesign would be appreciated


      What happens in Acrobat is some of my buttons are missing. It's all awry and not every page has every button I created for all four pages. I did create the buttons and links on the masterpage. What am not doing right or what bugs do I need to work out?