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    Brush quick pick bar

    zakuak Level 1

      It would be awesome to have  a small brush menu you can drag and drop 5 to 10 brushes of your choice onto.  My fail at brush management has manifested into 10 or so large custom ABR files that have 100's of brushes in them.  While I am working on a project it would be nice to drag and drop (on the fly) some of the brushes that I will use most often for that particular project as opposed to surffing and loading a rats nest of brush ABR files just to swap between the few I need.


      It would also be nice to be able to in the standard brush window, weed out with a shift select option, multiple brushes at once.



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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          There are now three separate Panels where 'Brush Presets', and 'Brushes' are now  available, as well as the Options Bar. It's all a bit of a mess to say the least. Not a mess in terms of functionality, but certainly in terms of logic.


          What you are asking for is a kind of sortable "palette" for brushes. This could indeed be combined with a painters palette of some sort, with an option to include a mixing well, and swatches as well as the brushes. These Palettes, could be savable. Great idea. Been asked for before.

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            You do know about the preset manager, right?

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              zakuak Level 1

              Yes, the preset manager is nice but it is exactly as its name states, presets...I was thinking of something more fluid, on the fly,

              as you go kinda interface. Something you can undock from the brushes section and float around your work area as desired and simply dragNdrop new brushes into as you need. Unless I am missing something with the preset manager?


              Photoshop offers a vast amount of tools, getting to some of the most basic is easy, tier two access to those tools varients is lacking in some aspects.

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                Drag and drop doesn't work so well when clicking the brush selects it.


                That's one of the reasons why we have the preset manager -- so you have a place to edit where clicking doesn't immediately apply the preset.