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    Read and Write XML files

    capitainequebec Level 1

      I work on a Flex application that will be used to record time entries for manufacturing plan. I have two problems to solve:


      1- Can I read an XML file from a local drive? (C: /temp/file)


      2- If the system where I call the web service is offline, I must create local file that are going to be read later vwhen the system will be up again. How can I create local file from Flex?

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          A web-based app cannot access the local drive w/o user permission.

          Sometimes, folks upload local files to a server (also requiring user

          permission) and then request the file from the server.


          You can use local SharedObject to store data, although there are limits to

          how much data.


          The recommended option is to create an AIR app.  It will be able to access

          the local drive once it is installed.