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    I need feedback after calling browser api installApplication

    Fares Tripod



      We developped two applications using Flex builder, the first application is a Flex online application, the second is a Flex desktop (air)  application.


      When the client openes the online application in his browser, he is asked to install the desktop application, and when he clicks on the install button, we use the browsing API to launch the installation for the desktop Application, the procedure followed by the online application is as following.


      1- Loading the air.swf from http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/browserapi/air.swf

      2- Checking if the AIR runtime is installe

      3- installing our AIR application from the needed URL as does the example bellow:


      var url:String = "http://www.example.com/myApplication.air";
      var runtimeVersion:String = "1.0.M6";
      var arguments:Array = ["launchFromBrowser"]; // Optional
      airSWF.installApplication(url, runtimeVersion, arguments);


      Our clients are experiencing sometimes different kinds of problems installing our AIR application from the browser, we want to be able to detect those errors, and redirect the clients to a troobleshooting page, the problem is that there is no feedback from the installer to our online application.




      Is there a way to a have feedback (from air application installer) after to call airSWF.installApplication.


      Keywords: flex, air, browser, api, install, application, event, installApplication, air.swf, damaged.