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    Few NetGroups and many short lived clients

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      Hi everybody!


      While I'm working on my own test case, which results I'll put as soon as I get some numbers here is a Question to others:


      I have a scenario where few many clients establish connections to few NetGroups. Say my NetGroups are created by those who initiated the chat.

      And clients are guests randomly picking a chat room and vewing/posting the chat in there. They see the video of the client who initiated the chat and participate in P2P multicasting. They pretty soon will move to antoher room if not interested. Or may stay longer - typical example of the online video chat application for frends, coworkers, yes, porn surfers too...

      In a scenario where there most of the clients will move out of the NetGroup to another one, what's kind of impact this will cause on those clients who connected relatively longer (say tens of minutes, hours). Do they experience any delays in P2P traffic? Since each client has to establish the P2P connections over other medium and short lived clients. I presume there should be some (at what scale) impact, as longer staying client will experince and overhead on delivering some p2p traffic to the short lived clients. What's your thoughts on this?