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    CSS - Specifically bulleted and numbered lists


      i am really struggling with the css and the bulleted and number list format.

      i have so many questions i do not know where to begin so i will start with what i think should be just plain common sense:


      1.  i originally imported a css into the robohelp 8 project and have worked for a couple of weeks trying to straighten out the styles with no success

      so today i started from scratch creating a new cascading style sheet but i have real questions about what i have created, where i can see it, how i can apply it and how it DOES NOT reflect in the toolbar styles drop down list.


      first question:

      i have a custom style sheet that clearly shows i have a list style defined called 'bullet1'.  i can see the style in my formatting pod (pane) but i do not see it in the styles drop down list on the formatting toolbar.  so why are my styles from my CSS not in the styles drop down list on the formatting toolbar and also, when i apply a style (say from the formatting pod/pane) shouldnt the drop down styles list reflect the style name when it is clicked on? For example:  i clearly applied the bullet1 style (from the formatting pod/pane) and saved the topic.  when i go and click on the bullet1 list, the style drop down on the formatting menu still says (none).  no matter what i do, the only style that is reflected in the styles drop down field on the formatting toolbar (when i click on the text) is heading1 and heading2 but other than that, any numbered or bulleted style i create and apply does not show that that style has been applied.


      second question:

      what is the difference between the formatting pod (Pane) and the styles drop down list on the formatting toolbar?  from experience with word, the styles drop down list on the formatting toolbar should reflect the current style when a character or paragraph is selected....it does not here in robohelp.


      third question:

      why does the style drop down list only show a few styles out of all of the styles that show in my CSS?


      forth question:

      can i assume that if i have a css created and applied TO ALL topics in the project that the 'formatting' pod/pane will show only those styles from that css?  i am very confused on what i am seeing in the formatting pod/pane.  are these JUST the custom styles created for a particular style sheet?  are these ALL styles available in robohelp?


      i am not liking how difficult it is to create a style (specifically bullets and numbers) , apply a style and to view the style that has been applied!