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    trancoding problem, can you help

    BA 2010

      i have a transcoding error problem when i try to burn to dvd, i have a adobe element, its burn about an hour then comes up with a messege, Transcoding error

      I have tried to burn this severel time, Its comes up with the transcoding error messege when there 1 hour 48 min left, cant figure it out where is the problem is? there is lot of clips dont know which is causing problem. have lots of photos too, done the rendering its went well, dvd preview no problem, only problem when i try to burn, CAN YOU HELP 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Work through the troubleshooting steps in our FAQs.



          If you'll post your results for each step in as much detail as possible, we'll likely be able to diagnose the problem and recommend workarounds.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            One thing that can stop Transcoding of a Timeline is if there is a gap in the Video somewhere.


            Do you get any sort of % of completion? If so, PrE uses a 2-pass Encode with VBR (Variable Bit-Rate), so 100% is the culmination of both passes. A 50% completion would be the end of the first pass. With that knowledge, if the completion is, say 75%, then it is at about the half-way point of the Timeline, and on the second pass. After one calculates the 2-passes, that spot would be where I would investigate. Look first, to see what the assets are there. Any overly-large stills? A different form of Video? Anything different? If not, then zoom in to the Frame-view on the Timeline, and look closely for any gaps in the Video. Ignore gaps in Audio, as they will not matter. Video is another story.


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            PS - with a long Transcode, people often go off and do something else. In those cases, they will not catch the % of the Transcode. Rather than sit by, watching a slow-moving progress bar, I'd just set up my video camera to record the screen. When the Transcode fails, just playback the video from the camera, and see exactly WHERE it stopped. Then, do the math, and study that Timeline closely.

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              BA 2010 Level 1

              Thanks for this valuable information, when its burning a bar comes up amd

              its just say burning in progress, doesnt move the time line bar or anything,

              so its very hard to asume where it stopes, i am just taking off some of

              those effect title bars from middle of the film, cause before it used show

              error on 1 hour 34 min remaning, since i took some effects off now its still

              stop saying transcoding error but now its says 1 hour 10min remaining, dont

              know i am doing the right thing, all those work i have done for weeks had to

              take some of those effects off not very pleased, its just no knowing which

              effects or photo causing it, i have checked the gap ther is no gap, thanks

              any other tip would be appriciated.




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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Unlike older versions of Pinnacle Studio,and some others, the CTI (Current Time Indicator w/ the red Edit Line) does not move.


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                  nealeh Level 5

                  BA 2010 wrote:


                  have lots of photos too

                  In the FAQ article Steve linked to there is advice to resize stills so that they are not more than 1000x750 pixels. What size are your still images? If greater than 1000x750 you should resize them and then try the burn again. Use Burn to Folder to avoid wasting disks.


                  More info on the dimensions of still photographs can be found at: What resolution should my photos be in Premiere Elements?


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    This ARTICLE addresses one cause of Transcoding failure - gaps.


                    This ARTICLE talks about overly-large still images.


                    Good luck,