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    AE CS4 - Import problem (JVC Everio clips in 16:9)


      Hi everyone,


      I hope someone can help me with this because it is driving me crazy I got a  JVC Everio "GZ-MG750" camcorder some months ago and I must say I first had problems with "Export" (JVC to PC) because when you have recorded the clips in 16:9, if you don't use what is called sdcopy.exe, clips in your PC become 4:3.This [sdcopy] allows you to keep the original aspect ratio.


      Apart from that... the problem is, I am starting to learn After Effects CS4 and I have "Import" problems and I have gotten stuck on this. My clips are supposed to be 16:9, but when I import them, they become 4:3, and if I type that my composition must be 16:9, etc. it works but not with the clips. The clips are still in 4:3 and I can't understand it, because after all, they shouldn't be 4:3 anymore since I made the change of aspect ratio with sdcopy. It does work in Premiere CS4 (the video imported is 16:9) but not with After Effects CS4.


      What's happening here? Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,